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The Western Recorder will cease monthly publication after March 1, 2021.

Classified and display advertising will be accepted until February 5, 2021.

Publication Details

Publication Schedule

Western Recorder, the second oldest state Baptist paper in the nation, is a glossy magazine publication published on the first of each month.


Average monthly paid circulation is approximately 12,500 Kentucky Baptist households and other subscribers. Our readership surveys indicate that most copies are read by two or more people.

Reader Profile

Active men and women, laity in Kentucky Baptist churches, pastors in the Kentucky Baptist Convention, deacons and other church leaders, educators, volunteers, missionaries around the world from Kentucky Baptist churches, leaders of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Advertising Policy

Advertisers with products and/or services to offer Kentucky Baptists are invited to advertise through the pages of Western Recorder. All advertising is subject to approval by the editor.


Advertising Rates And Specs

Display Ads

Contact Western Recorder for rates on all display ads.

File Specifications

Please send all display ads as PDF files with all text embedded or converted to graphics. All display ads will be in color, so send the file as a CMYK Composite PDF.

Classified Ads

Classified ads are $0.90 cents per word with a $15 minimum to be printed monthly in the Western Recorder. In addition to monthly printing, all submitted classified ads are also displayed on this website at no additional charge.

Deadline for classified ads are the 1st of the month prior to publication.

Content may be edited for clarity and style.


Space should be reserved one month prior to publication date. Copy must be in hand one month prior to publication date. Ads must be correct size (camera ready) or be subject to rejection or a surcharge for typesetting. Additional Services for four color, design and composition services are available for additional charges.

e-Mail Blasts

The Western Recorder offers two different options for e-mail blasts advertising:

  • 1" x 5" Banner Ad - Price: $55 per e-Blast advertisement.
  • 3" x 5" Banner Ads - Price: $65 per e-Blast advertisement.

The Western Recorder offers a special discount for three or more of the same e-mail blasts advertising:

  • 1" x 5" Banner Ad - Price: $40 per advertisement in e-Blast package.
  • 3" x 5" Banner Ads - Price: $55 per advertisement in e-Blast package.

e-Mail Blasts are sold as a package with other Western Recorder advertisements; not as stand alone ads.

Web Site Advertising

The Western Recorder Web site offers an area on the bottom of the home page for ads (that also displays on each page of the web site):

  • Premium Vertical Ads - Pixel size: 175 x 320 at 72 dpi. Price: $200 per month.
  • Banner Ads - There is space for two banner ads. Pixel size: 450 X 72 at 72 dpi. Price: $130 per month.
  • Large Lower Ad - This ad may be any size up to 950 pixels wide. Price: $180 per month, depending on ad size.

All rates include linking ads to their advertisers' Web sites.