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A glance through the life of the Western Recorder

Summarizing 195 years of Western Recorder (and its predecessors) cannot be done in a few pages of the magazine. However, glancing through random issues of our archives reveals some interesting statements, fact and observations.

Sunrise loves children, loves the Lord

Are you called to show God's unconditional love to a hurting child through fostering? As a Sunrise foster parent, you may be the first 'Jesus' some of our children ever see and experience. Becoming a Sunrise foster parent is truly a step of faith and an act of obedience to God's calling in scripture.

Love thy neighborhood

I enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day because it presents an opportunity to show love to those I care about … and eat chocolate, too! I will always try to remember my wife, daughters and those closest to me on Valentine's Day. But what about my neighborhood? If you're like me, I don't associate Valentine's Day with showing love to my neighbors, but shouldn't I?

Common financial mistakes to avoid

Most individuals can improve their handling of finances by simply avoiding the most common mistakes. How many of the following mistakes are you making?

Reflections on the Western Recorder

Plans for the Western Recorder to transition to an annual magazine marks a significant change for a legacy Baptist newspaper that has been around for nearly two centuries.

From the editor

The printed product — newspapers or magazines — have survived so many challenges in bygone days, ranging from a depression, world wars, the advent of radio and then television which were incorrectly forecast to be the doom of print. But the financial realities of 2020 have been devastating to print products, including the Western Recorder.