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Discerning God's call
Helpful advice from a regional consultant

Those attempting to discern if God is calling them into ministry may wrestle with a number of questions. Larry Purcell, one of seven KBC regional consultants, provides his perspective on some of those questions.

From the editor

The Western Recorder that readers hold in their hands today will be a collector's item — the last one produced on a monthly basis — marking perhaps the most dramatic change in the publication's 195-year history.

Who do you call in perilous times? God calls a preacher

We must also remember that we need more preachers to fill the pulpits of Kentucky Baptist churches and advance the mission of Christ in our state.

Answer the call at REACH 2021

REACH 2021 will take on a truly global feel as the annual evangelism conference expands to become the REACH Evangelism & Missions Conference.

Walter doesn't live here anymore
Book spawned from tragedy yields harvest of souls

Christians are often asked the question, "Why do bad things happen?" While believers do not have all the answers, one thing we do know is God is able to bring good out of the terrible things that happen in this world. One real life illustration of this is the story of Kentucky Baptist Pastor Walter Walker.

Becoming a church for the community is the goal of Gospel to Every Home

As churches consider what life and ministry will look like after the COVID-19 pandemic, many are rethinking their strategies in sharing the gospel. Some Kentucky Baptists are busy looking to shift their approach from being "property-centered to community-centered," according to Rob Patterson, Kentucky Baptist Convention evangelism team leader.