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Crossings' testimony
God's call to ministry experienced by many campers

Over our 20 years of Crossings camps, we have sought to provide an environment in which our students can hear a call of God to such a vocational endeavor.

This is Oneida
Goal: Point people to Christ, equip them to serve

The ultimate goal of our work at Oneida Baptist Institute is to point young people to Jesus and equip them with the tools to live a life of service to Christ and others.

Standing strong for life
Baptists were not silent in the pews when landmark 1973 ruling issued

Kentucky Baptists are well known for their fight against abortion. There have been multiple resolutions passed by Baptist associations, as well as the Kentucky Baptist Convention at annual meetings, affirming the biblical position that abortion is the taking of innocent life and no abortion should be performed in the commonwealth or the country.

Changing lives in a changing world

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Sunrise had much to be thankful for in 2020. During the year, we celebrated 59 adoptions. Since the beginning of our foster-to-adopt program in 2006, our total adoptions are now 570! Thank you for your part in bringing families together.

It's not how you start...but how you finish the race

It has been wisely said that what matters most in life is not how you start the race, but how you finish it.

Six basic truths about investing

What is an investment? It is when you put your money to work for you. Savings accounts and CDs are generally safer; however, their return is usually less. An investment will have increased risk and volatility but will generally provide increased earnings. You need both — savings and investments.