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Western Recorder: 195 years of God's graciousness


One of the ways the Lord has been gracious to Kentucky Baptists is by giving us the Western Recorder these 195 years. We're grateful for the many stories that have been told and the information that has been shared. It has been a weighty task to walk through the process of ceasing the regular publication of the Western Recorder.

Brandon Porter

Thank you to the readers of the Western Recorder. Many of you have subscribed faithfully for many years. Thank you for the investment and feedback you have provided. Serving Kentucky Baptists has been a primary motivation of the Western Recorder.

Thank you to the many board members who have served the Western Recorder over the years. You have raised funds, provided guidance, been prayer warriors and led in hard decisions. Your faithfulness to the vision of the Western Recorder will not be forgotten.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the many staff members of the Western Recorder. The editors and reporters are on the front line, but there have been countless administrative and support staff members who have helped sustain this publication.

Thank you to Paul Chitwood, Jim Donnell, Curtis Woods, Roger Alford and Todd Gray for giving me and Chip Hutcheson the opportunity to breathe life into this publication. In the end, sadly, multiple factors led us to this end. Even though the past two years have been a challenge, Chip and I have enjoyed working alongside Robin Cornetet, Meri Beth Arbogast, Marina Shelton, the host of KBC Mission Board staff members and the KBC agency and institution leaders who have contributed to the magazine's content.

Thank you to Chip Hutcheson, who has served as the interim managing editor for the past two years. There is nothing about the way Chip has worked over these last two years that would indicate he saw this as an interim role. He worked tirelessly and wholeheartedly. I can't imagine anyone else who would have put more heart into this work. Thank you, Chip. I'm glad you are my friend.

God created communication. We only know Him because He communicated with us. He is the source of all of the stories that are worth telling. In fact, the best stories point back to Him.

We believe there are limitless stories still to be told of His faithfulness, sovereignty and kindness. We hope you'll join us at KentuckyToday.com as we keep telling His story.

Brandon Porter is communications director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

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